The Gripper

$ 65.00

Product Description

A premium heavy duty, one piece masturbator with a rippled shape shape that's easy to hang onto, the Gripper is perfect for marathon self-appreciation sessions. A firmer but still pliable outer casing holds a much softer, extra realistic sleeve with an unbelievably intense texture inside. Suction chambers and a mix of ribs and bumps narrow and widen at intervals for a feel that never gets old. You'll be able to squeeze the sides of the outer casing together to bring the inner walls as close as you like; you can also cover the opening at the back to tighten up even more. Pure Skin is maintenance free unlike some similar materials, you'll get a temperature sensitive, ultra soft, elastic feel like real skin without the bother of caring for a delicate material; the Gripper is made to play hard. The only contribution you'll need to make to the long life of your masturbator is a good water based lube, you'll want to use lubricant anyway, so be sure to reach for a water based formula.

  • Brand: California Exotics
  • Total length is 7 inches(18cm)
  • Width of 3 inches(8cm)

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