Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

$ 60.00

Product Description

A shockingly creative toy for the more daring pleasure connoisseurs, the Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe is sure to shake up playtime, be it solo or shared. From Fetish Fantasy's electro collection, this classically styled little probe is anything but ordinary, although it's definitely versatile and can be used without the shock value, too. Made from a firm, slick plastic with a subtly flattened shape, the Probe is suitable for vaginal and anal penetration, which is exciting in itself, but when combined with a flow of electricity throughout, thanks to large metal contacts on either side, the Probe will have your toes curling with unprecedented pleasure. Stemming from a unique handheld control pack the range of stimulation is impressive, you'll be able to vary the electrical pulses from fast to slow, and also the intensity of the shocks from a gentle tingle to a sharp, throbbing tap. As a fantastic bonus, the control pack itself doubles as a handheld massager that can be used anywhere on the body, the oval centerpiece acts as a ground, so that any other part of the metal top that touches skin will transfer the shock. As with any electro toy, the Probe should not be used by pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues.



  • Brand: Pipedream
  • Requires 1 3V battery, which is included
  • Do not use while driving or operating machinery. 


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