Fuck Me Silly 3

$ 1,000.00

Product Description

Leg men, here's your dream toy. With tons of masturbators on the market catering to worshipers of pussy, ass and breasts, legs and feet have (until now) been left out of the mix. Fuck Me Silly 3 by Pipedream's Extreme Collection is a super deluxe masturbator shaped into a long, life sized pair of legs attached to a round, pliable ass and tight pussy, offering up an unprecedented amount of possibilities. Flexile, ultra soft, and incredibly lifelike, this toy feels so much like the real thing, you'll be able to get completely lost in the fantasy; Pipedream's Fanta Flesh material is silky smooth, pliable and smack-able, retaining shape and elasticity like real skin. The entire masturbator is made from this innovative material, from the size 6 1/2 feet with perfect little toes up to the round, whack-able ass and incredible texture inside the pussy; you'll adore that it warms to the touch, naturally heating up as you use it. Meant to be enjoyed from behind, the underside is flat, laying smoothly against the bed, floor, couch, table, and anywhere else you can think of. You can enter the butt or pussy of course, but a standout feature of this particular masturbator is the foot and leg possibilities; you'll be able to get an unbelievable foot job thanks to those sexy little feet that you can squeeze around your cock, or push together the calves and thighs to enjoy that way. When you're done, the back end has a small opening for easy cleaning, it also can be covered up to increase the amount of suction inside. Included with your doll is toy cleaner, water based lube (a water based formula is the only type of lube that should be used with this), a bottle of Fanta Flesh renewing powder that takes the tackiness away from the material, if it should get sticky, and an adult dvd to help you get in the mood. The total length is about 48 inches, at a hefty 20 pounds, Fuck Me Silly 3 can take some pretty hard pounding.


  • Brand: Pipedream
  • Orifice: Ass, Vagina
  • Length: 48"
  • Special Features: Realistic


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