Chastity Device W/ Urethral Sound

$ 90.00

Product Description

Exerting total control over a cock of choice, the ManCage 17 provides kinksters and their playmates with a complete male chastity kit made for impenetrable (literally!) lock-up play. To perfectly top off the playfulness factor of your ManCage, an optional urethral plug/sounding attachment is included. 

The core of the kit is the sturdy bicarbonate cage. The snug shape contains the penis, preventing  touching, rubbing and otherwise interfering with chastity. The cage itself is approximately 5.5 inches (13.97cm) in length with an inner diameter of about 1.75" (4.4cm), fitting most natural state penises. 

Attaching to one of 4 sleek, firm rings via customized locking pins, the ManCage 17's fit from base to balls can be adjusted with included spacers. When everything is correctly in place, the center pin with its lock opening will be peeking through, slip the padlock on, lock up, and done. That optional silicone urethral sound we mentioned can be pressed into place through the cage's tip during set-up, or afterwards. 

The 17 features an opening at the front for urine (or the included urethral sound insertion), so it's completely suited to longer term wear. Speaking of long term, this device is travel friendly once the brass lock is switched up for a plastic numbered version that won't set off airport security. Tip: Make a note of the number to make sure he comes back with the one he left with!

In body safe polycarbonate (cage and components) plus hypoallergenic silicone (urethral sound) the durable ManCage 17 is extra sturdy and easy to clean and maintain. It can be sanitized while on or off- scrub using warm soapy water while showering or remove to coat with a good toy care fluid/foam.

  • Brand: Shots America
  • 1 polycarbonate cage 
  • 4  polycarbonate rings (2.36"/60mm), 2.17"/55mm and 1.97"/50mm, 1.8"/45mm)
  • 6  locking pins with spacers
  • 1 brass padlock and key
  • 5 numbered plastic locks
  • 1 removable silicone urethral sound at 8"/20.38cm insertable and .0118/.3mm in width

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