Fetish Fantasy Steel Swing Stand

$ 700.00

Product Description

A swingset that's definitely for grown-ups, and kinky ones at that, the Fantasy Swing Stand from Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Line is an ultra sturdy, free standing frame that's compatible with most Pipedream sex swings and slings. The Stand eliminates the need to drill holes in your ceiling, and otherwise modify your room to fit your playtime device- aside from connecting to a variety of swings, it can also be used as a brace, letting you get into some of the more challenging sexual positions. Built-in steel loops and crossings of the steel bars can be used to secure cuffs, collars and more, with or without the swing, posing a second potential possibility as a bondage play set. Set up of the tubular steel shape is quick and easy, requiring no stud-finding, drilling or screwing (of the literal kind), and can be assembled almost anywhere- all tools required are included. Holds up to 400 pounds of combined weight.

  • Brand: Pipedream
  • Height - 6'6" (1.9m)
  • Length - 7'6" (2.3m)
  • Width - 5'6" (1.7)

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