Adam & Eve Forbidden Anal Water Based Lube

$ 18.00

Product Description

Formulated perfectly for supremely comfortable, extra slippery sex, and anal penetration in particular, Adam & Eve's Forbidden Anal Lube is ultra slick, refreshingly clean and compatible with all toy materials, from silicone to latex. Despite the name, this lube is an absolutely perfect choice when it comes to enhancing sexual escapades across the board, quickly eliminating unwanted friction during vaginal sex, foreplay, masturbation and massage. The crystal clear water based formula blends uniformly with the body's own moisture, creating a blissfully natural-feeling sensation.

Absorbing naturally into the skin and wiping easily off body surfaces and fabrics of all types with plain water, Vibrator Lube is mess-free and non-staining.

  • Condom safe
  • Toy compatible
  • Non-staining

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