Wicked Ultra Silicone Lubricant

$ 35.00

Product Description

Wicked presents the Ultra Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant, an unbelievably slick personal lube worthy of any sexual endeavor. Ultra is absolutely long lasting, not seeping into the skin and growing tacky over time, instead providing a smooth glide suitable for anal sex, play with toys and intercourse. The fragrance and glycerin-free formula is comprised of simple ingredients, heralding the "less is best" ideology that works perfectly in combination with its quality, high grade silicone. Ultra is hypoallergenic and compatible with all skin types and any sex toy materials except for silicone. To use, apply a dime sized amount to the desired area to start and reapply as necessary. A quick clean-up with soap and water is all that's required. Contained in a discreetly cosmetic transparent bottle, the convenient pump features a locking pop cap so you definitely do not have to worry about spills and leaks in the nightstand. Made in USA.



  • Never Sticky
  • Long Lasting
  • Fragrance Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan - No animal by-products or testing, PETA Certified

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