Sensuelle Pearl

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Product Description

The company NU that invented this vibrator never stopped amazing us, and moreover bringing you happiness. In addition to its 10 incorporated speed system, The Sensuelle Pearl, has a cutting edge mechanism which delivers powerful horizontal and vertical movements on the tip of its shaft. This mechanism mimics the movement of a human finger to trigger G Spot orgasm. Having heard often about it and also have experienced it by ourselves, it sometimes becomes annoying rubbing, rubbing and rubbing again to stimulate this G-spot. It is here where the Sensual Pearl is especially useful, you only have to place the tip of the Sensuelle Pearl on the G-spot area, and it does the work for you, while providing you with the choice of 10 different vibrations for even more joy. I could continue giving you reasons why the Sensuelle Pearl is so good - the 10-speed vibration system, plus the automated G spot stimulation mechanism, plus the fact that Sensuelle Point is unique in the world, I think it is crystal clear that Sensuelle Pearl is a revolutionary device for people who enjoy life while relaxing at the same time. It doesn’t slip when held and it feels so good on the skin.  Thanks to the high technology of the Sensuelle Pearl who finally incorporated a rechargeable battery. It comes with a USB cable and a 110v transformer; plug in the wall or on your computer. A luxury satin pouch is also included, the perfect gift, for the ones who have fun without the tiredness.  Before and after playtime, rinse with warm soapy water or use a good quality toy care fluid/foam. Any favorite water-based lube will be compatible with the high end silicone surface.



  • Brand: Nu Novelties
  • 7’’(18cm) long
  • 1’’ wide (2.5cm)

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