Fuck My Face

$ 570.00

Product Description

An unbelievably detailed, incomparably realistic pleasure tool that so dramatically overshadows run of the mill masturbators (and possibly, real blowjobs), you might find yourself spoiled for anything else, the Pipedream Extreme Collection's  Fuck my Face is lifelike to the point of impossibility. Offering a full sized, weighty head with long, style-able hair, blinking eyes that roll back when bent just right and a plush, always-eager mouth, this Extreme piece fits any orally-fixated fantasy very, very well.

However you choose to take advantage of this deep-throat ready babe, the look and feel, like all Extreme offerings from Pipedream, absolutely defies logic in its mind-blowing realism. Supple, ultra soft, and incredibly lifelike, though with a satisfying firmness underneath, the F**k My Face feels so much like the real thing, you'll be able to get completely lost in the experience. Pipedream's Fanta Flesh material is completely revolutionary in both look and texture, the soft, supple skin is completely elastic, pliable and smack-able, retaining its shape while warming to the touch. The entire masturbator is made from this innovative material, aside from the blinking eyes and soft hair that can be styled to your liking.

Easily manipulated to suit your specific craving, the this lady can be propped up, laid down flat on floor or bed, or bent over a piece of sturdy furniture. A fantastically sturdy suction cup at the bottom holds her steady against just about any flat surface, including the shower wall, floor, or a window. Enter the soft mouth and be welcomed into a snug, extra long channel contoured to feel just like the real thing- the included lipstick can be applied to her lips beforehand if desired.  Aside from a free 3rd degree P.O.V DVD, some Pipedream toy cleaner and Moist water based lube is also included- a water based formula is the only type of lube that should be used to keep the Fanta Flesh in perfect shape. 

  • Brand: Pipedream
  • Orifice: Mouth
  • Length: 7"
  • Total length of 7.25 inches (18.4cm)
  • 7 inches (17.8cm) wide
  • Hefty 5 pounds (2.13kgs)
  • Special Features: Realistic

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