Mystim Pure Vibes Nervstimulator

$ 190.00

Product Description

Designed thoughtfully and with user-friendly perfection, mystim's Pure Vibes E-Stim unit is a classic analogue electrostim device placing full control over intensity, mode, and resulting sensation literally in hand (yours or a playmate's). Harnessing the completely blissful, incredibly unique potential of electro-stimulation, the Pure Vibes offers two separately controlled channels for nearly endless- and shareable- electro play, simple dial controls plus three pre-programmed modes, and four adhesive electro pads to get you started. Cleverly contained in a sturdy, discreetly designed carrying case, the Pure Vibes unit is definitely portable, ready to accompany adventurous mates just about anywhere. Once your accessories of choice are connected to the control unit, or the included self-adhesive electrode pads attached to the body in desired configurations, unbelievable combinations of  gentle prickling, rhythmic pulsation or more intense taps of stimulation are entirely possible, varied with simple dial controls and a mode switch placed within easy reach on the Pure Vibes unit. Pulse widths and rates are customizable from low to high and slow to fast along with the three pre-programmed modes- each function can likewise be muted or intensified with dedicated dials corresponding to each toy/electrode input. A detailed instruction manual is included, read through thte tricks, tips and safety information before getting started. This unit can be used with all mystim accessories (sold separately), as well as the included electrode pads. Requires 1 9V battery, which is included.


  • 1 Analog mystim current device
  • 2 x output cables (for accessories and pads)
  • 4 x self-adhesive electrode pads
  • 1 solid plastic case
  • 1 9V battery
  • Instructions (English, German & French)

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