JO Clitoral Stimulant

$ 32.00

An excitingly stimulating gel that gently, yet very noticeably intensifies clitoral sensation, System Jo's female-created Clitoral Gel works by naturally increasing blood flow to the vaginal area, triggering nerve endings and sensory receptors in the skin. Simply apply a small amount to the clitoris and gently massage- either yourself or your playmate can do the honors. You'll feel a warm tingling after about 3-5 minutes, which can last up to 45 minutes. It's best to start with a small amount to monitor the effect to your preference, you can re-apply if needed. This is a silicone based gel that will work even in splashy, wet situations, it's also pH balanced and free from hormones. Tube contains enough Gel for up to 50 applications. Condom safe.



  • Brand - System Jo
  • Condom safe
  • L-Arginine free
  • Regular-strength sensation
  • Available in 10cc / Aprox. 30 - 40 Applications

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