Pjur Med Clean Spray

$ 22.00

Product Description

A gentle, ultra effective personal cleaning spray lotion from Pjur Med, Clean is ideal for quick freshen-up sessions before intimate encounters. Designed to be safe and very mild, the light, moisturizing formula can be used on even the most sensitive skin and mucous membranes, it lacks perfumes, dyes and alcohol so it won't irritate or dry out delicate areas. Simply spray directly onto whichever areas you're freshening and let dry naturally, or gently wipe away. In addition to a body spray, Clean can also be used as a toy cleaner, perfect for a quick wipe before and after use (some toy materials may require a more thorough cleaning). 



  • Brand - Pjur
  • Lacks perfumes, dyes and alcohol
  • Contains 10 ml (3.4oz)
  • Made in Germany

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