Wicked Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner

$ 20.00

Product Description

Clean and care is an essential part of maintaining a healthy sex toy collection, most importantly for guarding your body from bacteria and skin-irritants, and also for prolonging the life of your valuable toys and sexual wellness products. While soap and water have the qualities to eliminate bacteria from your toys, they're often also packed with alcohol and fragrance which can be harmful to your delicate sex toy materials and intimate areas of the body. 

Wicked Sensual Care's Foam 'n Fresh is the healthy alternative to this outdated method, boasting a refreshing formula that's free of triclosan, fragrance, parabens and alcohol. Contained in a sleek pump-top bottle, this anti-bacterial cleanser is light and foamy, infused with olive leaf, thyme and lavender extracts to thoroughly eliminate germs from all sex toy materials without leaving any aggravating residue behind. To use, smooth Foam 'n Fresh over the entire surface of your toy and allow 10-15 seconds for it to do its job. Rinse with water and pat or air dry before storage. Bottle contains 8oz. 

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