Scandalous Nights (Premium)

$ 250.00


Surrender to your naughtiest fantasies with Scandalous Night of passion. Have her get into character in the Scandal Body Suit. Dive deep into adventurous desire and indulge in your most erotic fantasies with your Hidden Pleasure Ball. Continue your night of titillating fun, use your 4 wax-play candles. They have just a tinge of heat when dripped on your partner. Use the totally adjustable Corset Cuffs with sensual lace-up design on your partners wrists. Take it the furthest and use it on their ankles. Use the Scandal Position Strap pushes deep penetration even further and lets you explore new angles of pleasure. End the night by embracing passion and Hidden PleasuresBefore and after playtime, rinse with warm soapy water or use a good quality toy care fluid/foam.


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