Mystim Plunging Pete w/Urethral Sound

$ 140.00

Product Description

The most advanced version of an orgasmically unique piece from mystim, Plunging Pete, along with ultra conductive, excitingly mobile gold-plated beads that can be placed exactly where most desired, also features a short gold urethral sound, allowing for some internal stimulation as well as the blissful external potential. Created to (in combination with an e-stim device) transmit exhilarating, ultra stimulating electrical impulses concentrated perfectly at the nerve-ending rich penis tip, Plunging Pete will absolutely satisfy even the most adventurous of electrostim players. Placed precisely over the head of the penis, Pete holds securely in place, transferring indescribably pleasurable electrical impulses through those three gold balls and sound during masturbation or foreplay. Pre-attached to the required lead wires, featuring a male end that connects to one side of the Tension Lover or Pure Vibes electrostim unit (sold separately), you (or a playmate) will be in full control over the teasing tingles, nerve-jolting taps and more intense pulses of pleasure transferred throughout. Plunging Pete has an insertable length of 1.38 inches (3.5cm) and a width of .16 inches (.4mm). Of a safe, ultra smooth and fantastically temperature-receptive silicone material, the hardy Pete cleans thoroughly and extremely easily with warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid. Compatible with water based lubricants and water-based conductive gels- avoid contact with other silicone toys and products to keep the hypoallergenic material at its very best. As with any electro toy, Pete should not be used by or with pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. Fits most.

*Pictured Pure Vibes unit sold separately.

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