Berman Astrea II Remote Vibrating Thong

$ 100.00

Product Description

 Looking for a classy way to add some excitement to your sex life? The Astrea 2 Remote Vibrating thong is your solution. This beautiful, comfortable stretch lace thong not only looks spectacular; it has a specially designed, clitoral positioned pocket that holds a small, discreet vibrating stimulator. Once in place, the vibrator is activated by an even more discreet handheld wireless remote with over 12 feet of range. Imagine what you and your lover could do with this on a night out! These aren't your average vibrating panties, the Astrea 2's carry the name of Dr. Laura Berman, head of Berman Center Intimate Accessories. The center has conducted many studies on female sexuality, and this amazing line of sexual enhancing products is the result. Your Remote Vibrating Thong comes with lots of information on how to makes the most of your new purchase, and a pretty purple carrying bag.

  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Battery: 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Color: Black

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